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Adult Numeracy and Life Skills

In Uganda, education services and materials have never been equally distributed amongstschools, communitiesand regions. The country still grapples with crowded classrooms with learners sitting on floors of make shift structures. Schools and educational institutions are often without sufficient learning materials and teachers.

Despite numerous efforts and interventions by the government and other organizations, there is simply not enough of everything available to realize the right to education for every child.

Worse still, most children and learners leave schools half literate and without skills of basic education like numeracy.


This project seeks to promote literacy and life skills among the adult illiterates


  • To train people who are illiterate with life skills aimed at tackling issues such as health, environmental and violence
  • To teach leadership skills to the illiterate people
  • To promote gender equity and equality in the communities through advocacy

Proposed activities of the project

  • Numeracy and life skills training
  • Train people on income generating activities (IGA’s) such as craft and liquid soap making
  • Carry out sensitization on health, violence and environmental issues
  • Link the participants to leadership institutions

Expected outcomes /results

  • Ability of the participants to read, write, and count
  • Participants taking up leadership positions
  • Gender equity and equality in all sectors/ areas
  • Creation of income generating activities (IGA’s)