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Volunteer Opportunities At ELOI Ministries

Being a charity, ELOI is highly dependent on the efforts of volunteers. Therefore we are most grateful that you have decided to put your talents, passion and commitment to the benefit of ELOI. Not for the glory of ELOI but as a gift to our beneficiaries – people in the communities we serve for whatever reason.

We have many opportunities for volunteers. If you're interested or talented in a specific area mentioned below, we most likely can use you! ELOI is proud to work amongst various faiths, cultures and backgrounds.

we strive to give our volunteers the big-picture about world poverty and development. When you volunteer with us, we ask that you get involved in all aspects of our programs. If you are volunteering with us, this means that you will be involved in the hands-on teaching and care-giving, as well as the administration and general management of the organization. In this way, we aim to give you a better understanding about issues concerning modern development, education and non-profit organizations.

There is need for volunteering placements in the following areas:

  • Our orphanages
  • Teachers in our community schools
  • Agriculture Development
  • Administration
  • Fundraising
  • Training of trainers
  • Researchers
  • Legal Advocates
  • Medical specialists
  • IT Specialists
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Specialists
  • Teaching Sports

Download Full Placement Description Here