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HIV/AIDS Awareness

In Uganda, interventions focusing on sexual behavioral change were initiated by the government to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the country. These interventions have been based on the ABC (Abstinence Be faithful Condom use) model. There have been other HIV prevention interventions that is; Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)treatment; Safe Blood transfusion; Public Awareness Campaigns; Women empowerment; Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) testing (htttp://docs.mak.ac.ug/…/ICASA%20%20ABC%...)

Eloi Ministries plans to come up with behavioral change and prevention based interventions which targeting regions that have been affected mostly by HIV/AIDS epidemic. This project entails activities that will be undertaken to tackle this public health issue.


To raise awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention in communities affected by this killer disease.


  • To provide community members with information about HIV/AIDS
  • To offer voluntary HIV/AIDS testing to community members
  • To empower affected people with tools to improve their wellbeing
  • To improve access of infected people to health care institutions


  • HIV/AIDS Voluntary Counseling and testing
  • Sex Education
  • Reproductive Health Education
  • STIs Education and testing
  • Distribution of ARVs
  • Distribution of Condoms
  • Avocation for Male circumcision as a preventative method


  • Increased knowledge about HIV/AIDS prevention among community members
  • Reduced number of positive HIV/AIDS cases among community members
  • Reduced positive cases of STIs among community members