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Income generating Activities

In many countries, women’s awareness and participation in the different aspects of life is nearly three times less than that of men (2006 research on ICT Africa) as they are referred to as the “weaker sex” among the vulnerable groups. Women face quite a number of challenges in their daily life which involves domestic violence where some are even battered to death and no action is taken, many are raped, cultural practices like female genital mutilation which results into adverse effects, marital rape, no participation in decision making in homes among others.

Women agitation groups and women activists have risen up to avert the current status of women in the issues that affect their lives. For instance, Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) which primarily is to impact ICT skills in women through workshops, trainings and setting up ICT laboratories for women in return in return this has helped them search for market for their products, Ntuluume Village women’s developmentassociation (NVIWODA) which trains a wide scale of skills like agriculture, craft, soap making, FIDA which strengthens the rights of a woman.

Women activists like Hope Turyasingura, Miria Matembe have demonstrated to restore the rights of a woman and encouragement to participate in politics. A number of projects are set up to avert the current status on women.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide a self-sustainable source of income
  • To expand the range of women’s involvement in politics
  • To empower women’s rights and promote gender equity


Income generating activities (IGAS)

These involve craft making, soap, candles among others. These basically aim at providing a sustainable source of income to meet their basic needs of life. It has gone further to help them acquire assets like land, construction of permanent structures, payment of school fees for their children hence restoration of a woman’s position in society.

Advocacy for gender equity and human rights

Agitation for gender equality so that women are faced with equal opportunities as the men for instance their participation in politics, mitigate the frequency of domestic violence and restore the women’s rights in society.