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Microfinance & Saving Schemes

Rural areas in Uganda are less developed compared to urban areas. It has been found that the reason for the underdevelopment of rural areas is because of the migration of young people from villages to towns in search of better employment opportunities (http://zuniaorg/post/addressing-the-rural-development-problem-in-uganda). Most youth leave rural areas escaping the poor living conditions. However, this rural urban migration caused congestion in cities leading to development of slums.

ELOI MINISTRIES under RUDEP has a calling to see how best it can help to improve on the standards of living in rural areas. We hope to tackle this issue by empowering people living in rural opportunities by giving them the skills and assistance to develop their home areas.

Through this project, the bank services are brought near to the people in the rural setting because these services are virtually inexistent to them but for any society to develop there has to be financial institutions to guide such a society on how to use, save, and educate, link it to other societies thus to a process that leads to development. So this project has a basic aim of availing the rural societies in our operational scope with an institution to provide bank services. Below are some of the objectives of the micro finance project;


Below are some of the objectives of the project

  • To preach the word of God to the community
  • To form savings and credit society (SACCO) with the local community
  • To help the community to start up businesses
  • To extend credit and loan services with low interest rates to the community
  • To teach and equip the community with banking knowledge
  • To help the community with banking services


  • Lending services to the local people from the project bank
  • Formation of rural saving and credit society with the local people (SACCO)
  • Opening up of micro finance accounts with the local people
  • Banking advisory services to the people
  • Free healthy and community volunteer drives to the community like AIDS/HIV testing and periodic communal environment cleaning
  • Preaching the word of God to the community