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School outreach project as got from the ELOI Ministries outreachprogramme has been looked at by ELOI Ministries as a way of taking the Gospel of God to many people, particularly, the school outreach project involves preaching to the school children both in word and in deed. ELOI believes that by doing this, the pupils and students will be imparted with moral ways as well as being Godly in actions thus producing responsible and accountable citizens.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) has reported that Uganda has the largest number of school dropouts in the region (http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/9/183/715724). According to the Uganda government, half of pupils enrolled in primary one will dropout before completing primary seven.

It is important to note that the highest number of school dropout rates is among females than males in primary schools (http://mnnonline.org/article/16215). This has been attributed to early pregnancies, absence of interest, household chores, early marriages and lack of tuition and school materials such as exercise books and pencils.

However, the Ministry of Education in Uganda has reported that the school dropout rates are lower in secondary schools than in primary schools. This highlights the need for interventions that focus on tackling the issue of elevated rates of primary school dropouts in Uganda.

Eloi ministries has undertaken projects that involve distribution of scholastic materials and providing school fees bursaries to enable school going children to remain in school in Kayunga District. There are plans to carry out these projects in other regions of the country.


The overall aim of this project is to impart knowledge and life skills while preaching the gospel to transform lives of school going children


  • To preach the gospel to young people
  • To offer career guidance to school going children
  • To impart knowledge to young people
  • To impart practical skills to students


  • Career guidance talks
  • Crusades
  • Sex and Reproductive health education
  • Donation of textbooks
  • Distribution of scholastic materials

Expected Outcomes

  • Large numbers of conversions from religious sects to born again Christianity.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of life issues
  • Improved classroom performance
  • Improved personal hygiene and sanitation
  • Improved literacy levels of children in the community
  • Increased enrolment into tertiary institutions