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There are many ways to get involved with Eloi Ministries. If you've browsed through the site, you will have noticed the many initiatives we have. They each require people just like you to get involved.You can do so either through our Sponsorship Programme, donate in kind from our Needs List or make a one-off.

Donation in cash.

We also cherish every fundraiser who supports the many precious babies, children and women under the care of ELOI MINISTRIES. You are invaluable to us. If you would like to form a fundraising partnership with us to raise support for a Visit Eloi Ministries' team or in support of the Sponsorship Programs or other projects, please contact us at fundraising@eloiministries.org We will be happy to supply you with additional tools to assist you with your fundraising endeavors. If you'd like to get involved in a more personal way, you are welcome to visit or volunteer with us as an individual or team. But if you can't get to Uganda, there are opportunities to raise awareness or funds in support of Eloi Ministries right where you are.

Replicating the Eloi Ministries model

We believe that networking is key to fast tracking the replication of the Eloi Ministries model. Development of strong relationships and long term commitment will lead to partnerships that will continue to rescue orphaned children and vulnerable women across Africa. To find out more about networking or to get started on a Eloi Ministries style model, please email us at networking@eloiministries.org