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We aim to make the world a lot less UNFAIR through our ideals about creating GLOBAL EQUALITY and advocating for a Path to a World of LOVE and JUSTICE.

As an organization, we bring people TOGETHER around the globe. We welcome and include people of all races, religions and ethnic groups.

A simple act of KINDNESS and open communication will lift the spirits of many children living in the POOREST communities in Africa (East Africa).

Our Volunteer Program will help to improve standards of living, build relationships, understand diversity, and share knowledge around the globe. JOIN us today!

We have many opportunities for VOLUNTEERS. If you're interested or talented in a specific area we most likely can use you! ELOI Ministries is proud to work amongst various faiths, cultures and backgrounds.

We combine adventure with volunteer work to give our volunteers a unique TRAVEL AND TOUR experience such as action-packed tour, trekking, boat cruises and partying with new found friends in exotic places!

JOIN us and enjoy a period of UNFORGETTABLE volunteer experience. Volunteering doesn’t get much more exciting than this!

We hope you will participate and help us make a difference!

ELOI Ministries supports community emotional-wellness through Training, Counselling and Project activities.

Our programs help the people to achieve their ability, skill and knowledge, and take control over their own lives and finally become EMPOWERED.

Through Empowerment, individuals gain control socially, politically, economically and psychologically.

We contribute to the creation of a society in which human rights are understood, protected and promoted with a view to strengthening the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We EMPOWER marginalized communities and individuals to know and uphold their rights.

RURAL DEVELOPMENT is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas, often relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas

ELOI Ministries is an NGO that aims to uplift the standard of living of marginalized sections of the community through innovative approaches.

We BUILD socio-economic empowerment through community driven development for the realization of improved standard of living in poor and vulnerable households of the target community.

The addressing of rural transformation processes demand new forms of technical and financial assistance. Let’s JOIN hands and make a CHANGE!

Kids are a gift to this world — they see everything in a different way, treat a setback as a new lesson to be learned. They think of what could be and not necessarily what is.

ELOI Ministries supports and inspires kids of all ages to set goals while providing tools to help them navigate through life’s ups and downs with positivity and perseverance.

We stand behind the UNPRIVILEGED kids, support them and help them in their journey in becoming the future.

We invite YOU to become part of OUR community, to rally behind these amazing dreamers, and help them uncover their natural abilities, talents and expertise to get through this thing called life. You can DONATE, SPONSOR or VOLUNTEER to take part in one of our programs or activities.

Through its health program, ELOI Ministries continues with the effort of improving the role of maternity services to enable mothers to breastfeed babies for the best start in life.

We aim to improve the care of pregnant women, mothers and newborns at health facilities that provide maternity services.

To build hospitals that support weighing and measuring, as part of growth and nutrition monitoring.

We can’t do it alone. JOIN us TODAY by contacting us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The objective(s) of Eloi Ministries is to restore hope to the helpless thus transforming lives for the better and to promote the socio-economic welfare of Communities especially the Disaster Affected People, Destitute Children, Orphans, People staying in Internally Displaced People's Camps an d families affected by HIV / AIDS.




Non-Discrimination Policy

Eloi Ministries is a Non Discriminating Organization. Eloi Ministries Projects and Programs DO NOT require Exposure, Adherence to, or Conversion to our Religious Doctrine in order to be a Beneficiary.

Eloi Ministries Does Not Discriminate Beneficiary based on Age, Gender, Tribe, Race, Creed, Color, Disability, Nationality, Marital or Family status, Political or Religious Affiliations.

Eloi Ministries Program's beneficiaries are not encouraged or required to learn about, adhere to, or convert to Eloi Ministries’ Religious Doctrine as a Condition of Receiving our Services

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