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Through our programs and campaigns, we raise AWARENESS among the general public on important issues and situations in the society so that we can fight them as ONE.

There are a lot of problems like Child labor, Right of education, Orphanage, Unemployment, etc which are still huge problems.

We all have rights and it’s important to know how we can claim them if they are misused to ensure we’re fairly treated and have our place in society.

As we continue our humanitarian engagements, the need for global partnerships are so important. Volunteers, donors and partners are key to achieving our goals and successes.

For support on our humanitarian engagements, email us via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“We are a Christian based international organization, following and celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ, working with the poor, orphaned and oppressed to promote human transformation, justice and witness the good news of the kingdom of God”

ELOIM is dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable and less privileged in Africa regardless of race, stigma, religion, or gender.

Take a closer look at our work on YouTube:

Sponsor, Donate or Volunteer with us to SUPPORT our Programs and Services. We are delighted to have you ON BOARD!

One of the core reasons ELOI Ministries was created is to improve world HEALTH. Through its Health Programs, ELOI is still devoted to that mission as demonstrated by its efforts to distribute medicines, supplies and equipment worldwide to health facilities. Much of the developing world LACKS sufficient medicine and medical supplies that are sometimes abundant in the industrialized world.

By collaborating with international and domestic partner organizations and individuals We obtain and then send these items directly to the places where they are needed.

ELOI Ministries is always seeking to increase the amount of aid provided by developing solid relationships with organizations and individuals

Destitute kids endure the biting morning cold so as to be able to get an EDUCATION. Some brave the harsh weather to have class sessions under a mango tree.

Many established schools in the POOREST Communities suffer from a dramatic lack of INFRASTRUCTURE due to lack of resources and funding.

By improving children’s access to schools ELOI Ministries brings long-term, sustainable EDUCATION opportunities to communities who need it most.

With CONCERTED efforts and PARTNERSHIPS with people like YOU, education in the developing world can continue growing in size, scope and merit. Be APART of US.

At ELOI Ministries, we believe in breaking the cycle of crime, continuing rehabilitation and reintegration and giving hope and dignity to poor people & their families for both improved and harmonious living.

The ultimate goal for the Community Reintegration Program is to provide the support and services necessary for community-dwellers to achieve their highest level of functioning in the community. We provide social and recreational opportunities to enable people to achieve their goals, learn skills, and address quality of life issues.

HEALTH is one of the building blocks of a successful life and yet communities across the nation are still struggling with how to improve access to health care for low-income people.

ELOI Ministries commits itself to help build a HEALTHIER, more RESILIENT community by promoting improved overall community health.

We all have a role to play in helping to address the priority area of Health.

Your DONATION and SPONSORSHIP to our Health Program ensures that even the LESS PRIVILEGED enjoy good health. You can also VOLUNTEER with us and witness firsthand the transformation of these people’s lives.

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The objective(s) of Eloi Ministries is to restore hope to the helpless thus transforming lives for the better and to promote the socio-economic welfare of Communities especially the Disaster Affected People, Destitute Children, Orphans, People staying in Internally Displaced People's Camps an d families affected by HIV / AIDS.




Non-Discrimination Policy

Eloi Ministries is a Non Discriminating Organization. Eloi Ministries Projects and Programs DO NOT require Exposure, Adherence to, or Conversion to our Religious Doctrine in order to be a Beneficiary.

Eloi Ministries Does Not Discriminate Beneficiary based on Age, Gender, Tribe, Race, Creed, Color, Disability, Nationality, Marital or Family status, Political or Religious Affiliations.

Eloi Ministries Program's beneficiaries are not encouraged or required to learn about, adhere to, or convert to Eloi Ministries’ Religious Doctrine as a Condition of Receiving our Services

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