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What We Do

Founded in 2007 and Registered in 2009s, its Registration number is S.5914/8320 with offices operating in Kampala the capital of Uganda, with the goal of transforming the society through the restoration of hope to the helpless by spreading the gospel in both word and deed, Eloi Ministries is a Non Governmental Organization registered under the laws set by the constitution of the Republic of Uganda. Eloi Ministries is also validated by an "Apostille" based on The Hague Convention held on 5th October 1961 (Certificates issued by one country can be officially legalized in other countries).


  • We are Christians.
  • We bring hope to the hopeless.
  • We value life and transformation for the better.
  • We are approachable and responsive.

Organization OBJECTIVES

The objective of Eloi Ministries is to restore hope to the helpless thus transformation of lives for the better and to Promote the Socio-Economic Welfare of Communities especially the Disaster Affected People, Destitute Children, Orphans, People staying in Internally Displaced Camps and Poor Families affected by HIV / AIDS.

  • To build character and welfare of the destitute children in and outside the education institutions. This also includes orphaned, street children and disabled.
  • To develop individual talents of members and community target groups (above)
  • To set up and support education institutions which are based on or embrace the ideas of the Church, developing character on the foundation of the Christian gospel.
  • To promote income generating activities and create employment.
  • To initiate, promote and support the imparting of life skills including academics in children in and out of schools.
  • To encourage the use of and development of individual talents for recreation, entertainment, income generating and employment
  • Open up churches and conduct crusades and conferences in and outside Uganda.

Uganda has been through several Humanitarian Crisis including Civil Conflict, Food Crisis, Floods, Refugee influx, Persistent Droughts, Human Trafficking, HIV/AIDS Pandemic etc. This has left the People in Uganda in Great Need of Resources, including Medical Resources to help with the Major effects these Crises have had on the overall Health of the Nation.

We provide them with Disaster Relief and Material Support in form of Clothing, Mattresses, Blankets, Food Aid, Safe Drinking Water, Medication, Wash Rooms, and Shelter among others.

We offer Scholastic Materials to needy school going children such as Uniforms, Books, Pens, Pencils, Tuition Fees, Shoes, Sanitary Pads, School bags etc. We are also a voice to the voiceless in a bid to seeking justice and promotion of Human Rights.

We equip the poor, needy and other Vulnerable Groups with Vocational Training Skills to enable them earn a living. Recent research indicated that 89% of Refugees and People staying in Internally Displaced Camps engage in prostitution which has led to an increase in HIV / AIDS scourge. These Technical and Vocational Training Centers are meant to empower them, Fight Poverty and Combat the spread of HIV / AIDS.

We empower Women, Youth, Children, Widows, Widowers, Refugees, Disabled and Elderly through Capacity building. We run Hospital, Radio, Television and Prison Ministries. We also intend to run a Home Care Bay and Rehabilitation Homes. We do Training, Counseling, Church Planting, Discipleship, Missionary Work and Evangelism.

We raise Awareness in the Communities against HIV / AIDS and other Killer Diseases. We also promote Awareness among Communities by running Development Programs to Fight House Hold Poverty and Promotion of Income Generation Projects.

"Non-Discrimination Policy"

  • Eloi Ministries is a Non Discriminating Organization. Eloi Ministries Projects and Programs DO NOT require Exposure, Adherence to, or Conversion to our Religious Doctrine in order to be a Beneficiary.
  • Eloi Ministries Does Not Discriminate Beneficiary based on Age, Gender, Tribe, Race, Creed, Color, Disability, Nationality, Marital or Family status, Political or Religious Affiliations.
  • Eloi Ministries Program's beneficiaries are not encouraged or required to learn about, adhere to, or convert to Eloi Ministries’ Religious Doctrine as a Condition of Receiving our Services.