Improving Healthcare, Education, Access to Justice and Community Re-integration in Africa.

We are ELOIM

Eternal Life Organization International Ministries (ELOIM) is a group of passionate people dedicated to making a positive impact in African communities. Through our various programs and initiatives, we are working tirelessly to improve access to healthcare, education, justice, and rehabilitation.

We believe that every individual deserves the right to these basic necessities and we are committed to providing these resources to those in need. We work closely with local communities, partnering with healthcare providers, educational institutions, and justice systems to ensure that people have access to quality resources and care.

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What We Do

We have sponsored a total number of 308 girls and 208 boys to go to school and attain primary, secondary and vocational skills education through our community and schools outreach programs, which we aim to continue in the same spirit.


Our legal aid clinic is strengthened to provide more support and to follow up on cases. For greater impact and outreach, mobile legal aid camps and awareness sessions are conducted at regional/district levels and/or in partnership with other organizations in the fight for Human Rights.

Our project aims to address issues that challenge reintegration, especially social stigma arising from negative attitudes and stereotypes towards former inmates and the reduce discriminating towards these individuals.

Our Projects

Buwenge Hospital

ELOI Ministries got into a partnership with Buwenge Hospital in 2013 with the main objective to rehabilitate the health facility and revamp the services so that the community can get affordable health services. Over the years we have supported the hospital with new medical equipment, medicine and other forms of support. 

Women Empowerment

We have empowered women in kasambya county in nakaseke village through our different programs like education and vocational training. This has reduced women illiteracy levels and they are using the vocational skills to startup small businesses that are supporting their financial wellbeing. We also intervene whenever there are cases of violence against women for their rescue.

ELOI Junior School Construction

The school will have classes ranging from kindergarten to secondary school, ensuring that students have access to quality education throughout their academic journey. We are also proud to have a health center inside the school facility, where students and staff can receive medical care and attention.

Making a difference

Whether looking for college credit, a chance to travel during a career break, off simply apply for a volunteer vacation, our volunteers come from different parts of the world, and different places in life. From young children traveling with their families to 86-year old adventurers, the range of life experience and backgrounds coming together at the home-base is always unique, and always exciting. We work with the following groups; 50+ of age, families, teens, working, professionals, groups.

Meet the Founder

Since 2008 the Hope of an African Child, founded by Tendo Steven and other partners, has been able to transform a number of lives of young people, widows, orphans and destitute Children through mobile medical care, bible studies, provision of formal education , grooming and advocates for the rights of the children of Africa. Steven’s team feel so blessed and touched as they witness firsthand the hope and joy the children have found in Jesus Christ and Eloi Ministries’ experience.

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