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    When you sponsor a child, it helps to empower that child. The welfare that comes along with Child sponsorship helps to ensure that the children grow up healthy, learning and safe-no matter where they were born. In Uganda, the literacy rates show that 70% of Ugandans are illiterate, with male’s having higher literacy rates than females. Sponsoring a child in need thus helps a child to realize real change in their lives and that of their families. It also gives these less privileged children the opportunity to participate in the empowerment of their communities.


    To help kick out poverty among the beneficiaries and their families and allow them to face the future more confidently with newfound hope and enthusiasm. ELOI Ministries has committed to help make this dream a reality for the less fortunate children in the communities of Kasanya Village, Kasanya Parish in Nakaseke District.


    • To help break the cycle of poverty.
    • Community-led change that impacts education systems, healthcare and protection
    • To allow continued support and investment in their communities
    • Safe friendly places to learn and play


    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Recreation Activities

    Expected Outcomes

    • To promote gender equality in the area of education
    • To provide education services and materials to the under privileged children such as orphans, street children etc.

    Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Academic performance monitoring
    • Frequent healthcare checks
    • Character change among the children. Christ-like character.
    • Social responsibility
    • General progress and well being of each child.